This trattoria-osteria, located in the centre of Savigno, was opened in 1934 by Grandpa Amerigo.

Since then, Amerigo 1934 has been a reference point for good eating in the valleys between Bologna and Modena. The dishes and the wines of Bologna hills characterize the menu, but this is also a truffle region almost all year round. Alberto knows his land and his region very well and he never stops looking for new produce and producers.

Each discovery becomes a delicious surprise for his guests.

At Amerigo 1934 you can find traditional dishes and a cuisine that respects both the flavour and the original and natural taste of the local ingredients, rediscovered or reinvented in new versions of “old recipes”.

Amerigo 1934 also includes a grocery store and a locanda with a few rooms.



Amerigo 1934

Trattoria, Dispensa e Locanda
Via Marconi 14-16
40060 Savigno (Bo) Italia
Tel. 0516708326

Fax 0516708121